DENSO Oil Filter Element (260340-0600)

Key Features:
  • Brand: DENSO
  • Part Number: 260340-0600


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Part Number 260340-0600
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DENSO Oil Filter Element (260340-0600)

Alternate Part of 04152-31090


General 12/2007-06/2014 TOYOTA ALTIS, COROLLA CE140,NDE140,NZE140,ZRE14*,ZZE14*
General 10/2013- TOYOTA ALTIS, COROLLA NDE170,NZE170,ZRE17*,ZZE172
General 04/2013- LEXUS IS2xxx/3xxx ASE30,AVE30,GSE3*
N. America 04/2013- LEXUS IS2xxx/3xxx ASE30,GSE3*
Europe 04/2013- LEXUS IS2xxx/3xxx ASE30,AVE30,GSE30
General 09/2014- LEXUS RC3xxx/200T ASC10,AVC10,GSC10
N. America 09/2014- LEXUS RC350/300/200T ASC10,GSC1*
Europe 09/2014- LEXUS RC3xxx/200T ASC10,AVC10,GSC10
Japan 12/2006-03/2012 TOYOTA BLADE AZE15*,GRE156
General 08/2010-06/2016 TOYOTA ZELAS AGT20
N. America 08/2010-05/2016 SCION TC AGT20
General 12/2011-10/2017 TOYOTA CAMRY (HYBRID) ACV51,ASV5*,AVV50
Europe, General 06/2018- LEXUS ES2xx/350/300H ASZ10,AXZA10,AXZH10,GSZ10,MXZA10
General 05/2006-05/2012 LEXUS ES240/350 ACV40,GSV40
General 06/2012-05/2018 LEXUS ES2xx/350/300H ASV6*,AVV60,GSV60
N. America 03/2006-05/2012 LEXUS ES350 GSV40
N. America 06/2012-05/2018 LEXUS ES350/300H AVV60,GSV60
N. America 06/2018- LEXUS ES350/300H AXZH1*,GSZ10
Europe 06/2012-05/2018 LEXUS ES2xx/350/300H ASV6*,AVV60,GSV60
General 05/2006-06/2012 TOYOTA CAMRY (HYBRID) ACV4*,AHV40,GSV40
General 12/2011- TOYOTA CAMRY (HYBRID) ACV51,ASV5*,AVV50
General 04/2015-05/2017 TOYOTA CAMRY ASV50
N. America 02/2006-08/2011 TOYOTA CAMRY ACV40,ASV40,GSV40
N. America 09/2011-05/2017 TOYOTA CAMRY (HYBRID) ASV50L-C*****,AVV50,GSV50
N. America 06/2017- TOYOTA CAMRY (HYBRID) AXVA7*,AXVH7*,GSV70
Japan 08/2011-03/2017 TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID AVV50
General 09/2017- TOYOTA CAMRY (HYBRID) ASV70,AXVA70,AXVH7*,GSV70
N. America 01/2006-07/2011 TOYOTA CAMRY ACV40,ASV40,GSV40
Europe 01/2006-08/2011 TOYOTA CAMRY ACV40,GSV40
Europe 08/2011-02/2018 TOYOTA CAMRY (HYBRID) ACV51,ASV5*,AVV50,GSV50
General 06/2006-09/2011 TOYOTA AURION, CAMRY, HV ACV40,AHV40,GSV40
General 10/2011-09/2017 TOYOTA AURION, CAMRY, HV ASV50,AVV50,GSV50
General 03/2013-05/2015 TOYOTA VENZA AGV1*
N. America 11/2008-11/2016 TOYOTA VENZA AGV1*,GGV1*
General 10/2018- TOYOTA CAMRY (HYBRID) ASV7*,AXVA70,AXVH71
N. America 09/2011-05/2016 TOYOTA CAMRY ASV50L-S*****
N. America 10/2015-06/2018 LEXUS ES350 GSV60
N. America 08/2018- LEXUS ES3xx/250 AXZA15,AXZH1*,GSZ10
General 01/2015-03/2020 TOYOTA CROWN ARS212,GRS218
Japan 12/2012-03/2018 TOYOTA CROWN (HYBRID) ARS210,AWS21*,GRS21*,GWS214
Japan 06/2018- TOYOTA CROWN (HYBRID) ARS220,AZSH2*,GWS224
General 01/2012- LEXUS GS SERIES ARL10,AWL10,GRL1*,GWL10
N. America 12/2011- LEXUS GS SERIES ARL10,GRL1*,GWL10
Europe 01/2012- LEXUS GS SERIES ARL10,AWL10,GRL1*,GWL10
Japan 09/2007-09/2013 TOYOTA MARK X ZIO ANA1*,GGA10
General 01/2005-09/2012 TOYOTA AVALON GSX30
General 10/2012-03/2018 TOYOTA AVALON GSX40
General 06/2018- TOYOTA AVALON GSX50
N. America 01/2005-09/2012 TOYOTA AVALON GSX30
N. America 10/2012-03/2018 TOYOTA AVALON AVX40,GSX40
N. America 04/2018- TOYOTA AVALON AXXA55,AXXH5*,GSX50
N. America 10/2017- LEXUS LS500/500H GVF5*,VXFA5*
Europe 10/2017- LEXUS LS SERIES GSF50,GVF5*,VXFA55
General 05/2009-02/2015 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER ASU40,GSU45
General 03/2015- TOYOTA HIGHLANDER ASU5*,GSU55
Japan 02/2003-06/2012 TOYOTA HARRIER ACU3*,GSU3*,MCU3*
Japan 12/2013-04/2020 TOYOTA HARRIER (HYBRID) ASU6*,AVU65,ZSU6*
Europe, General 02/2003-11/2008 LEXUS RX300/330/350 MCU3*,GSU35
Europe, General 12/2008-08/2015 LEXUS RX270/350/450H AGL10,GGL15,GYL1*
General 05/2017-04/2020 TOYOTA HARRIER ASU60
General 09/2015- LEXUS RX SERIES AGL2*,GGL2*,GYL25
N. America 02/2003-11/2008 LEXUS RX330/350 MCU3*,GSU3*
N. America 12/2008-08/2015 LEXUS RX350/450H GGL1*,GYL1*
N. America 09/2015- LEXUS RX450H/350 GGL25,GYL25
Europe 09/2015- LEXUS RX SERIES AGL2*,GGL25,GYL25
General 05/2007-11/2013 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, KLUGER GSU4*
General 12/2017- LEXUS RX350L/450HL GGL26,GYL26
N. America 05/2007-01/2014 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER ASU40,GSU4*,GVU48,MHU48
N. America 12/2017- LEXUS RX450HL/350L GGL2*,GYL26
Europe 12/2017- LEXUS RX350L/450HL GGL26,GYL26
N. America 09/2003-12/2008 LEXUS RX330/350 MCU3*,GSU3*
N. America 01/2009-09/2015 LEXUS RX350/450H GGL1*,GYL1*
N. America 10/2015- LEXUS RX450H/350 GGL2*,GYL2*
Europe, General 12/2013-10/2019 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, KLUGER ASU50,GSU5*
Europe, General 02/2020- TOYOTA HIGHLANDER AXUH7*,GSU75
N. America 10/2009-11/2013 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER ASU40,GSU4*
N. America 12/2013-10/2019 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER ASU50,GSU5*,GVU58
N. America 12/2019- TOYOTA HIGHLANDER AXUH7*,GSU7*
General 07/2014- LEXUS NX SERIES AGZ1*,AYZ1*,ZGZ1*
N. America 07/2014- LEXUS NX SERIES AGZ1*,AYZ1*
Europe 07/2014- LEXUS NX SERIES AGZ1*,AYZ1*,ZGZ1*
General 09/2011-06/2020 TOYOTA SIENNA ASL30,GSL3*
N. America 01/2003-11/2009 TOYOTA SIENNA GSL2*,MCL2*
N. America 01/2010-06/2020 TOYOTA SIENNA ASL30,GSL3*
Japan 01/2006-09/2019 TOYOTA ESTIMA ACR5*,GSR5*
General 01/2006-09/2019 TOYOTA PREVIA, TARAGO ACR50,GSR50
General 08/2013-10/2019 TOYOTA RAV4 ASA4*,ZSA4*
Japan 11/2005-05/2016 TOYOTA RAV4, VANGUARD ACA3*,GSA33
Europe, General 11/2005-11/2012 TOYOTA RAV4 ACA3*,ALA3*,GSA33,ZSA3*
General 12/2012-11/2018 TOYOTA RAV4 ALA49,ASA4*,AVA4*,ZSA4*
N. America 11/2005-11/2012 TOYOTA RAV4 ACA3*,ASA3*,GSA3*
N. America 12/2012-09/2018 TOYOTA RAV4 ASA4*,AVA44
Europe 12/2012-08/2019 TOYOTA RAV4 ALA4*,ASA44,AVA4*,WWA42,ZSA4*
N. America 11/2008-12/2012 TOYOTA RAV4 ASA3*,GSA3*
N. America 01/2013-10/2018 TOYOTA RAV4 ASA4*
N. America 09/2004- TOYOTA TACOMA GRN2**,3**,TRN2**
General, N. America 02/2019- TOYOTA HIACE GDH30*,32*,GRH30*,32*
Japan 04/2008-12/2014 TOYOTA ALPHARD, HV, VELLFIRE ANH2*,ATH20,GGH2*



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